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We have a variety of highly qualified
and passionate team of therapists

Mike Turgeon
Owner, MS, LPC, LSW

I am the father of three adult children and have resided in Ashland, WI for the last 26 years.

I see clients in Ashland, Glidden, Park Falls, Shell Lake and Spooner, WI. I am the founder and CEO of Prentice House Inc., which consists of three group homes for adolescent males located in the Ashland area. Prentice House, Inc. was established in 1992 and I’ve worked for SOAR Services in Shell Lake for the last 10 years, and became the owner two years ago.

I now practice with clients aging from 8 to 67. I enjoy working with adults and couples that can not seem to find the emotional balance that they once had. I am very much grounded in building a therapeutic non-judgmental relationship with all clients. I feel this is so vital in their therapy to gain balance and fulfillment in their lives. So, I encourage you, or anyone you may know that is struggling in their balance and fulfillment, to reach out and give Soar Services a try.

Michelle Chase

Since I began practicing 15 years ago, I’ve gathered extensive
experience working with preteen’s (10 to 12 years), adolescents and adults (including couples) using a strength-based approach. In addition to assessing and increasing communication in areas of life to ensure you get the most out of every session.

My specialty areas are anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, children/adults of divorced parents, grief and loss, trauma, codependents, children/adults of alcoholic/addicted parents, ADHD management, body image, relationship issues, self-esteem, as well as family issues. My goal is to give you usable tools beginning the first session.

Cathy Ekern

I have spent the last 29 years working as a school counselor in the Cameron School District, working with children from the ages of five through thirteen. I feel I can provide help and support to children, adolescents and young adults in need of mental health care.

Lori Henderson-Olson

I was first certified as a Substance Abuse Counselor in 1986 and have developed a clinical practice to include mental health counseling, gaining a license in 2011. From personal experience, I can tell you that addictions and other disorders can go into firm remission. A healthier more for fulfilling life is possible and it is my honor to assist in the healing process. Together we can explore the options, try new behaviors and evaluate the results. You are not alone. The next wholeness is at hand.

Kari Marks, Ph.D, LP

My professional journey began as a teacher of psychology and human development.  Today, I work as a psychologist supporting individuals in their journey of healing and change.  I believe that the counseling experience is about discovering strengths and learning how to live in balance with our true selves and with others.  My goal is to help people experience deeper self-awareness and acceptance.    

My areas of interest and expertise include:  grief and loss, life transitions, spirituality, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, anger, co-dependence, and co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues.  I use mindfulness and strengths-based approaches to support individuals in their growth, healing, and overall well-being. 

I gain strength and connection to myself through nature.  I enjoy all four seasons and many outdoor activities.  I am fortunate to be married to my best friend and to be the mother of three children—who I will always view as exceptional.

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